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If the aim of an illusionist is to convince the observer that the impossible has happened, he must not reveal the methods of achieving it. His skill is his invisible techniques, which convinces the audience.
I have the same objective in my work as Director of Photography; the technique must be sufficiently skillfull to hide the fabrication of reality from the audience and create motion pictures which moves the audience emotionally.


from Corporate Films to TV Commercials

Director of Photography

with my +20 years of experience, i can help in an early stage of production to streamline equipment and crew needs for a cost-effective production. 

Equipment REntal

I own some nice and special lenses and gear, which is hard to get via a rental house to give that extra „bling“ to your production. 
Since Automotive plays a big role for me, i do have some special rigs, check out my gear page for more

Location Scouting

Not shure if a location has all it needs for a shoot? With virtual or live location scouting i can narrow down if and under which circumstances the location is usable.

virutal Production

Following the developement since 2019 and spending hours myself in Unreal Engine i have the technical background to plan a sucessful VP shot be it in front of a LED Screen, XR production or a Hyperbowl sized shoot. 

My Work


Unter die Haut

Music Video feat.  Tim Benzko and Cassandra Steen.
Director: Bernd K. Wunder 
Production: Stereofilms
nominated for Echo Award „Best Music Video national“

MAN - Lions City
Lipton ICE TEA
LionsHead - When I wake Up
Abu Dhabi Police

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